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Microbiology and Molecular Biology Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries
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Editors: Akemi Hirashi and Haruto Fujimoto
Book Description:
This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of microbiology and molecular biology, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in these important fields. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Table of Contents:
Preface pp. i-xviii

Part 1 - Research Biographies

Laura Atzori;pp. 3-7

Amelia Barilli;pp. 9-10

Eric Blough;pp. 11-14

Sabrina Bonichini;pp. 15-18

Rok Borptnar;pp. 19-20

Maria Isabel Nogueira Cano;pp. 21-23

Yuchang Fu;pp. 25-30

F. A. Gbore;pp. 31-32

Amy M. Grunden;pp. 33-35

Claudia Guerrero-Barajas;pp. 37-38

Francisco Javier Guillén Gerada;pp. 39-40

Takao Isogai;pp. 41-42

Tomoatsu Kaneko;pp. 43-45

Maja Karaman;pp. 47-48

Alejandro Miguel Katzin;pp. 49-50

Shin Kawamata;pp. 51-52

Shi Ke;pp. 53-55

Irina Kerkis;pp. 57-59

Yoshihisa Kitamura;pp. 61-62

Natalie Kobets;pp. 63-64

Jari Koistinaho;pp. 65-67

Ronald J. Korthuis;pp. 69-72

Susan Lakatos;pp. 73-75

D.C.Ghislaine Mayer;pp. 77-78

Miguel Cantalejo Moreira;pp. 79-80

Masanori Nakamura;pp. 81-83

Nina Alexandrovna Netesova;pp. 85-86

Tinuade Adetutu Ogunlesi;pp. 87-88

Akihiro Ohnishi;pp.89

Koichi Ohno;pp. 91-92

Edneia Amancio De Souza Ramos Cavalieri;pp. 93-94

Henry Ian Robins;pp. 95-100

Kunihiro Sakuma;pp. 101-103

Takeshi Sakurai;pp.105-106

Fernando Sampedro;pp. 107-108

Junko Sugatani;pp. 109-111

Keiko Takahashi;pp. 113-114

Ping Yu;pp. 115-118

Cheol-Heui Yun;pp. 119-122

Zsolt Zalán;pp. 123-124

Hua Zhu;pp. 125-129

Part 2 - Research Summaries in Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Advances in Environmental Health Effects of Toxigenic Mold and Mycotoxins;pp. 133
(Ebere Cyril Anyanwu)

Molecular Approach for Detection of Waterborne Pathogens:pp. 135
(Aly E. Abo-Amer)

Adult Stem Cell Survival;pp. 137

DNA Research, Genetics and Cell Biology;pp. 139
(Tsisana Shartava)

Mast Cells and Cardiovascular Disease;pp. 141
(Jacob Joseph)

Regulation of Vitamin A Homeostasis by the Stellate Cell (Vitamin A-Storing Cell) System; pp.143

Stem Cell Therapy and Uses in Medical Treatment; pp. 145
(Prasad S.Koka)

Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, pp.147
(Shree Ram Singh)

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.(Volume 6) Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms;pp. 149
Philippe Taupin

Stem Cells: Cellular and Drug Therapies (Volume 1);pp. 151
(Philippe Taupin)

Basics of Medical Molecular Biology; pp. 153
(T.H. El-Metwally,G.A.Tawadrous,Y.A.El-Senosi,S.M.Zahran)

Biomacromolecular Mass Spectrometry Yearbook. Volume 1;pp. 155
(Simone Koenig)

Climatic Effects Created by Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases;pp. 157
(Alexander Y.Galashev)

Ion Beam Bioengineering Research;pp. 159

Molecular Approach for Detection of Waterborne Pathogens;pp. 161
(Aly E.Abo-Amer)

Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Pathogenesis of Huntington's Disease;pp. 163

Methanogenes and Ammonia-Oxidation Archaeal Communities in High Temperature Oil Reservoirs;pp. 165-166
(Hui Li,Bo-zhong Mu)

Diversity, Function, and Processing of Archaeal Non-Coding RNAs;pp. 167
(K. Fujishima,Akio Kanai)

Archaea Diversity in Brazilian Aquatic Ecosystems;pp. 169-170
(F.T.Saia,A.C.Araujo,C.Rossi Nakayama,D.Assis das Gracia,J.Perez Chaparro,F.Andreote,R.Taketani,F.Piza,A.Silva,V.H..Pellizari,I.Soares,G.Manfio,R.F.Vazoller)

The Archaea Ribonuclease P: Molecular Mechanisms of Thermal Adaptation;pp. 171
(Francisco Miralles)

Mechanosensitive Channels in Archaea:Roles, Lipid-Protein Interactions and Future Questions;pp. 173
(Daniel Balleza)

The Nanoarchaeota: Physiology, Genomics and Phylogeny;pp. 175

Chaperonin and Prefoldin - Two Molecular Chaperones that Work Cooperatively in Archaea and Eukaryotes;pp. 177-178

Primary Production and Carbon Cycling in the Deep Sea: Archaeal Carbon Fixation and Methane Oxidation;pp. 179

Life Strategies of Marine Sessile Organisms as an Approach for Exploration of Structure and Succession of Fouling Communities;pp. 181

General Defense Mechanisms of the Integument against Bio-Coating in Aquatic Mammals;pp. 183
(Wilfried Meyer)

Marine Biofouling in Heat Exchangers;pp. 185

Biofouling and Anti-Fouling of Medical Devices;pp. 187-188
(K.Lo Vetri,P.V.Gawande,N.Yakandawala,S.Madhyastha)

Force Measurements of Bacterial Adhesion to Metals Using a Cell Probe in Atomic Force Microscopy;pp. 189-190
(Xiaoxia Sheng,Yen-Peng Ting,S.Olavi Pehkonen)

Green Anti-Biofouling Strategies;pp. 191-192

Electrochemical Technologies for Antifouling Treatments of Cooling Circuits;pp. 193-194
(Pierangela Cristiani)

Surface Modification of Membranes for Antibiofouling;pp. 195
(Yun-Feng Yang,Zhen-Mei Liu,Zhi-Kang Xu)

Pharmaceuticals as Antifoulants: Inhibition of Growth and Effects on Adhesion of Marine Bacteria;pp. 197-198

Protein Resistant Surfaces Based on Polymer Coatings: A Study of Hyperbranched Polyglycerols and Polyethylene Glycol on Gold and PDMS Surfaces;pp. 199-200
(P.-Y.J.Yeh,MU Sciao,J.N.Kizhakkedathu)

Deposition of Colloidal Particles from Electrokinetic Flow Suspension in Microfluidic Channel;pp. 201-202

Colonization of Blue Mussels (Mytilus Edulis) on Offshore Wave Power Installations;pp. 203
(Olivia Langhamer)

Antifouling Activity of Marine Paints Studied by Scanning Electron and Confocal Laser Microscopies;pp. 205-206

Experimental Low-Cost Tool to Reduce Biofouling in Oyster Longline Culture;pp. 207

MicroRNAs: Potential Applications in Aquaporin Associated Pathogenesis;pp. 209

MicroRNAs: Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Cancer;pp.211

MicroRNAs: Targets of Interest in Breast Cancer Research;pp. 213

MicroRNAs in Ovarian Cancer: Current Status and Future Perspectives; pp. 215-216
(J.Helleman,E.Despierre,M.T.M.van Jaarsveld,E.A.C.Wiemer,
Els M.J.J.Berns,I.Vergote)

Amazing Power of Tiny MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer;pp. 217

The Impact of MicroRNAs on Resistance to Anticancer Treatment: The Future for MicroRNA-Based Targeted Therapy?;pp. 219
(R.Hummel,D.J.Hussey,Joerg Haier)

Profiling of mRNAs/MicroRNAs and Identification of MicroRNA Targets Among Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived From Different Adipose Tissues;pp. 221-222
(Steven Shoei-Lung Li)

MicroRNAs in Regulating EMT and Blood Circulation Metastasis of Lung Cancer Stem Cells;pp. 223-224

Polymorphisms in the MicroRNA Pathway as a Source of Phenotypic Variation in Animals;pp. 225-226

Biological Functions of MicroRNAs in Animals;pp. 227-228

Regulation of Metabolism, Aging and Lifespan by MicroRNAs;pp. 229-230
(Junlong Zhang)

Herpesvirus MicroRNAs in Infection and Cancer;pp. 231

Legionella Pneumophila: Legionnaires’ Disease;pp. 233-234
(A.Uzel,E.Esin Hames-Kocabas)

Recent Advances in Pathogen Detection Methods;pp. 235

Biotechnology for Remediation of Domestic Wastewater;pp. 237
(A.Bernal-Martinez,E.M.Souza Brito,G.Cuevas-Rodrigues)

Microbiology of Dental Waterlines;pp. 239
(Mark K. Huntington)

Hospital Water as a Reservoir of Risk for Healthcare-Associated Infection;pp. 241-242

Waterborne Parasitic Infections: Possible Impacts of Climate Changes at Northern Latitudes;pp. 243-244
(Lucy J. Robertson)

Microcystin MC-LR in Brazilian Aquaculture Production Systems;pp. 245

Water as the Important Source of Phytophthora Species in Horticulture and Natural Environment;pp. 247

Microbial Contaminants in Groundwater for Irrigation Use;pp. 249

A Perspective Concerning the Influence of Cyanobacteria and their Toxins on Human Health and the Microbiology of Drinking Water;pp. 251

Exploration of Waterfowl-Environment-Campylobacter Inter-Relationships at Amenity Ponds;pp. 253

Effects of Microbiological Pollution of Drinking Water on Human Health and Remedy;pp. 255-256

What Do Plants Need Action Potentials for?;pp. 257

Biophysical Properties Underlying Human Nerve Impulse Conduction;pp. 259

Physiological Implications of Action Potential in Characean Cell: Effects on pH Bands and Spatial Pattern of Photosynthesis;pp. 261-262

Action Potential Production: An Ion Channel Dependent Process;pp. 263
(Richard Hahin)

Afferent Output in Mammalian Taste Cells. A Role of Electrical Excitability in Mediating Transmitter Release;pp. 265-266
R.A.Romanov,O.A. Rogachevskaja,M.F.Bystrova,S.S.Kolesnikov)

Methodologies to Unravel Cardiac Structure and Function Complexity at Cellular and Tissue Level;pp. 267

The Elusive D-current: Shaping Action Potentials in the Dendrites?;pp.

Negative Regulation of Fc&RI-Mediated Basophil Activation by the CBL Family of Adaptor Proteins;pp. 271

Basophils, Mast Cells and Liver Cancer;pp. 273
(Fabio Grizzi)

Basophilic Granulocytes: A Review Of Its Characteristics And Roles;pp. 275

Flavonoids: Natural Inhibitors of Basophil Activation;pp. 277-278

Basophil in Tropical Infections ;pp. 279
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Research on Basophil in Thailand;pp. 281
(Viroj Wiwanitkit)

Basophil Granulocytes: Small in Numbers, Mighty in Immune Regulation; pp. 283-284

C-Reactive Protein: FCR Receptor-Mediated Effects on Human Peripheral Blood Basophils in Vitro;pp. 285-287

Stress and Pancreatic β Cell Function: Role of Glucocortoids, Exercise and Glucolipotoxicity;pp. 289-290

The Synergistic Effect of β Cell Replacement and Immunotherapy on the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes;pp. 291-292

Antagonizing the Endocannabinoid Pathway Prevents the Development of Diabetes and β Cell Dysfunction in Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rats;pp.

Diabetes Mellitus: An Opportunity for Therapy with Regenerative Medicine?;pp. 295-296
(Akifumi Matsuyama)

Behind Beta Cell Glucotoxicity: A Pivotal Role of Glycoxidative Damage?;pp. 297

Induction of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Death by Elevated Concentrations of Extracellular Zinc;pp. 299

Rab GTPases Control Membrane Recycling in the Pancreatic Beta Cell;
pp. 301

In Vivo Reprogramming of Pancreatic -cells into β-like Cells;pp. 303-304

Studies of Toxin Resistant Beta-Cells: Lessons for the Chemotherapy?; pp. 305
(Liu Hui-Kang)

Renin-Angiotensin System and Diabetes;pp. 307-308

Bioanalysis in Drug Discovery and Development: Focus on Pharmacokinetic Studies;pp. 309-310

Characterization of Drug-Plasmatic Protein Interactions by Microseparation Techniques;pp. 311
(M.Amparo Martinez-Gomez,L.Escuder-Gilabert,R.M.Villanueva-Camanas,
S.Sagrado,M.Jose Medina-Hernandez)

Statistical Approaches for Bioequivalence of Highly Variable Drugs and Drug Products;pp. 313-314

New Strategies Of Sample Preparation In The Analysis Of Pharmaceuticals And Their Determination Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography;pp. 315

Analysis of Catecholamines with Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence Reaction Detection;pp. 317
(Makoto Tsunoda)

Photoproducts of Naproxen in Alcoholic Solvents;pp. 319

Direct and Reverse Genetics for Cyanobacterial Cell Division Studies in Genomic and Proteomic Era;pp. 321
(Olga A.Koksharova)

Microalgae Cell and Population Performance under Pollution Impact;
pp. 323-324
(Valeriya Yu.Prokhotskaya)

Cell Division and Cell Elongation of Corynebacterium Glutamicum: A Rod-Shaped Bacterium that Lacks Actin-Like Homologues;pp. 325-326

The Impact of Cell Cycle Regulation on Tumorigenesis Process;pp. 327
(O.Aguiar,Jr.,G.Monteiro de Castro,D.A..Ribeiro)

One Ring to Bind Them All at the Centre of the Cell;pp. 329-330

Cell Cycle Checkpoints and Cancer;pp. 331

Cohesin and Cohesin-Regulator Complexes: From Cell Division to Gene Expression Control;pp. 333
(Jose L.Barbero)

The Role of Dm NXF1 in Controlling Early Embryonic Mitoses in Drosophila Melanogaster;pp. 335

Adult Stem Cells Survival after the Action of Ionizing Radiation, Hyperthermia and in the Conditions of the “Ischemia/Reperfusion” Reaction Development;pp. 337-338

Identification of Specific Mitochondrial Proteins Forming Stable Adducts with 4-Hydroxynonenal within Cardiac Tissue of Type-I Diabetic Animals: Implications for Bioenergetics Dysfunction and Onset of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy;pp. 339-340

The Bone Marrow Microenvironment in Multilple Myeloma: Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Progression;pp. 341-342

Respiration and Oxidative Metabolism in Spermatozoa;pp. 343-344

Plectin Deficiency and Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma;pp. 345

Studies of Toxin Resistant Beta-Cells: Lessons for the Chemotherapy?; pp. 347
(Liu Hui-Kang)

Fatty Acid Metabolism in Cancer Cell Survival: A New Anti-Cancer Target;pp. 349

Impaired Mitochondrial Respiration as a Causative Factor in Parkinson's Disease;pp. 351
(Haseeb Ahmad Khan)

Ecophysiological Look at Organ Respiration in Carnivorous Plants: A Review;pp. 353
(Lubomir Adamac)

Mechanisms and Development of Chemokine Network Targeting Agents for the Treatment of Allergic, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases and Cancers;pp. 355-356

How Chemokines Implicate in  T Lymphocyte Biology;pp. 357
(C.Penido, Souza Costa)

Chemokines in Teleost Fish Species;pp. 359-360

Gene Regulation and Expression of Chemokines in Response to Bacterial Enterotoxins;pp. 361-362
(Jung Mogg Kim)

Regulation of Host Chemokine Response by the Pathogenic Type III Secretion System;pp. 363-364

Chemokines: Types, Functions, and Structural Characteristics;pp. 365

Role of CXC-Chemokines CXC-Receptors in Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer;pp. 367-368

Regulated Secretion of Chemokines from Endothelial Cells;pp. 369

Follow the Leader: When the Urokinase Receptor Coordinates Cell Adhesion, Motility and Proliferation with Cytoskeleton Organization; pp. 371-372

LIMK1, The Key Enzyme of Actin Remodeling Bridges Spatial Organization of Nucleus and Neural Transmission: From Heterochromatin via Non-Coding RNAs to Complex Behavior;pp. 373-374

Common Tasks of Cytoskeleton and Dystrophin in Muscular and Neurological Functions: Perpectives in Gene Therapy;pp. 375-376
(J.Cerna Cortes,D.Mornet,D.Cerecedo,F.Garcia-Sierra,J.Hummel,E.A.Garcia Montalvo,O.L.Valenzuela Limon,V.Melnikov,S.A.Montero Cruz,J.A.Osuna Castro,A.Mancilla,R.Rodriguez-Munoz,B.Cisneros)

Measuring Reciprocal Regulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Tumor Cell Motility in Two and Three Dimensions In Vitro;pp. 377-378

Centriole Duplication or DNA Replication - What Starts Earlier?;
pp. 379-380

The Myosin Light Chain-IQGAP Interaction: What is its Function?;
pp. 381
(David J.Timson)

Migrating Plant Cell: F-Actin Asymmetry Directed by Phosphoinositide Signalin;pp. 383
(Koji Mikami)

Membrane Microdomains and Neural Impulse Propagation: Field Effects in Cytoskeleton Corrals;pp. 385-386
(Ron Wallace)

Scaffolding Proteins that Regulate the Actin Cytoskeleton in Cell Movement;pp. 387

Daughter Cells of Microalgae;pp. 389-390
(Dilwyn J.Griffiths)

Stem Cells and Morphogenetic Developmental Programs in Plants;pp. 391-392
(Tatyana Batygina)

Morphogenesis of Drosophila Melanogaster Macrochaetes: Cell Fate Determination for Bristle Organ;pp. 393-394

Generation of Daughter Cells in their Niche;pp. 395-396
(G.Aparicio Gallego,M.Blanco Calvo,A.Figueroa,M.Valladares Ayerbes,L.M.A.Aparicio)

Regeneration of the Kidney: Involvement of Intra-and Extra-Renal Stem Cells;pp. 397
(Akito Maeshima)

Exfoliated Epithelial Cells of Mucosa: A Review on their Phenotypes and their Properties;pp. 399-400
(Bertrand Kaeffer)

Chance for Plants: Wider Possibilities and Capabilities;pp. 401

Daughter Cells Self-Renew Through Asymmetric Division;pp. 403

Daughter Cells and Stem Cells: Properties and Characteristics;pp. 405

Unique Behavior of Daughter Cells in Chlorarachniophytes;pp.407
(Shuhei Ota)

Daughter Cells of Microalgae;pp. 409-410
(Dilwyn J.Griffiths)

Stem Cells and Morphogenetic Developmental Programs in Plants;pp. 411-413
(Tatyana Batygina)

Morphogenesis of Drosophila Melanogaster Macrochaetes: Cell Fate Determination for Bristle Organ;pp. 415-416

Generation of Daughter Cells in Their Niche;pp. 417-418
(G.Aparicio Gallego,M.Blanco Calvo,A.Figueroa,M.Valladares Ayerbes,L.M.A.Aparicio)

Regeneration of the Kidney: Involvement of Intra-and Extra-Renal Stem Cells;pp. 419
(Akito Maeshima)

Exfoliated Epithelial Cells of Mucosa: A Review on their Phenotypes and their Properties; 421-422
(Bertrand Kaeffer)

      Microbiology Research Advances
   Binding: Hardcover
   Pub. Date: 2013
   Pages: 422, 7 x 10 (NBC - M)
   ISBN: 978-1-61942-172-1
   Status: AV
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